About Us

About Xmi Pte Ltd

Founded in Singapore, Xmi Pte Ltd is a technology-driven company focused on bringing the very latest wave of multimedia products to the global market. As we enter a fast-pace digital age, the ability to foresee market trends and react dynamically to market changes is essential to the success of any technology business.

With unique products of superior functionality, mass-market appeal and uncompromising quality, Xmi Pte Ltd is set to push the boundaries of technology with new exciting products and build a global brand synonymous with innovation that will precede major trends in digital lifestyle technology.

Xmi Pte Ltd currently has distribution networks in 80 countries in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Australia.

About the Award Winning X-mini™ Capsule Speaker™

Winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design and iF Design Awards, the X-mini™ Capsule Speaker™ is revolutionary in the world of portable audio technology, striking the perfect balance of pocketsize portability and uncompromising sound quality. Conceptualized, developed and commercialized in-house in Singapore, the X-miniCapsule Speakershave continually set new standards in the field of portable sound