DJ Kane Ian

DJ Kane Ian

“Love the clarity and low end punch of the X-mini! ” -By DJ Kane Ian


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About Me:

I am a DJ/producer from Singapore and I have been contributing to the house music scene for the past decade. My first experience with electronic music was in my early school years when I formed my own DJ collective. Since 2000, I have been gigging at pubs and bars all over Asia and the USA playing house music to jazz to funk & soul and techno.

My passion for music progressed to production and started Dustpan Recordings and Upsize Music. Being such a stickler to good sound, I was first sceptical about them but once I managed to plug them in, I was blown away with the sound quality that came out of these little capsules!

Now, I tour the world playing my new songs to clubs and producing new songs on the go with my trusty X-mini Capsule Speakers permanently in my suitcase.

Why do I love X-mini:

I love X-mini’s for their clarity and low end punch. Coming from a product barely the size of a tennis ball, I was literally blown away when I first tried them and they have never failed me since. I have even used them to produce music when I was touring Europe and the USA.



X-mini™ v1.1 Capsule Speaker™