Oli Benet

Oli Benet

“X-minis are practical and cool! ” -By Oli Benet


Born on:
About Me:

I have been into street inline skating for almost 2 decades. My passion for inline skating can be seen from the work that I do in the industry. Almost dedicating my whole life to skating, I have decided not to focus on competitions but to focus in improving the form and function of the inline skate itself.

I am part of the team in bringing inline towards a new genre of rollerblading called “Powerblading” which is now building in popularity in the USA and Europe.

I love my music and apart from being active in the inline industry, I am also a DJ. I have played in countless festivals and event across Europe.

Why do I love X-mini:

X-mini is practical and cool. I really find myself using them often when there is no available power sockets around. They sound great, extremely portable and they always give a very impactful first impression when I blast them around my friends


X-mini, The Conference, Inercia

Favourite Trick:

Backslides, Torque slides and Soyales 

X-mini™ II Capsule Speaker™
Favourite Playlist:

Faction G  - Ya name's not down
Breakage feat. Newham Generals and Rodigan – Harder
Merital – My money (ha ha)
Cutworks – Female Demands
Bachelors of Science – Spanish Sun (Bungle Remix)
Richie Durand Feat. Ellie Lawson – Wide Awake
Adam K – Complicated
Netsky feat Darrison – Escape
Dodge & Fuski – Minus One
Dodge & Fuski Feat. Highbury Whores: Pornstep