David Ngiam

David Ngiam

 X-mini is compact and packs a punch.-By David Ngiam


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About Me:

I started wakeboarding about 15 years ago and am still very much in love with it as much as I did then. My passion for it grew to include developing a wakeboarding website and recently, a WakeTips app for the iPhone. Apart from taking part in Master’s events around the region, judging regional competitions, I also co-founded the Wakeboard Association in Singapore.

Off the water, I love to do wakeboard photography as well and teaching upcoming talent in the wakeboarding scene. The ability for me to impart my knowledge and enthusiasm to mould the next generation of wakeboarders never fails to give me a big smile. 

Why do I love X-mini:

I travel a lot and the X-mini is compact and packs a mean punch. It is well-designed, practical and is often underestimated because of its size.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who lives life on the go.


Former President of WBA
Wrote the first Wakeboard Instructional iPhone App


X-mini, Oakley, The Board Shop

Favourite Trick:

Roll to Blind

X-mini™ II Capsule Speaker™
Favourite Playlist:

Anything by Green Day and My Chemical Romance