Franky Zhang

Franky Zhang

Street Culture and extreme sports are incomplete without music! -By Franky Zhang


Born on:
About Me:

I was born in Beijing, with a love for the arts. I studied Art and Design and graduated from Beijing Industrial University. I love the street culture and picked up inline skating at a young age. Learning from the top skaters in China, I slowly took part in many competitions around the region and developed my own style and became more recognised as a street skater.

I love everything pertaining to street culture and have a passion for graffiti and KCAR modifications.

My most outstanding characteristic is my dreadlocks and the loud colours that I wear when I skate.

Over the past years, I have been skating all over the world and I was given the opportunity to train with the world’s top skaters in the USA. With X-mini’s wonderful support, I was able to compete in contests around the region.

I hope to be one of the top skater in the world and given the opportunity to share my culture with all the skaters I meet at the competitions and trips that I participate in.

Why do I love X-mini:

X-mini is stylish and looks cool. It sounds fantastic and is so easy to bring around with me wherever I go. The synergy between X-mini and extreme sports makes it the perfect audio choice for athletes like myself.


2011 Mettle Games (Singapore)- 4th

2011 Asian X Games  (Shanghai)- 8th

2010 Mettle Games (Singapore)-3rd

2010 Xtep CX- Games (Guangzhou)- 1st

2010 Challenge Park (BKK, Thailand)- 2nd

2009 IOXC (Indonesia)- 5th

2009 China Year Standings Extreme Sports -1st

2009 Xtep CX Games (All Star ) – 1st

2009 Xtep CX Games (Big Air)- 1st

2009 Xtep CX Games (Park)- 1st


X-mini, Razors, WITCH (Bearing),

Favourite Trick:

Alley-oop topsidesoul

X-mini™ MAX II Capsule Speaker™
Favourite Playlist:

1. Trick in my mind

2. Poker face

3. The Richmen Toy

4. Ridin Dirty

5. Give it to me