Leon Humphries

Leon Humphries

“I can't remember how many times they've started a mini party! ” -By Leon Humphries 


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About Me:

I am hoping to get the best out of life. The people close to me and the things I am passionate about help me to achieve this. I live by this motto. I am moved a great deal by music and am forever enlightened by new sounds and experiences.

Music is in my soul and through rollerblading, I express myself. I look forward to travelling to faraway places on my pair of skates, bonding with new friends and embracing new experiences and environments.

My X-mini’s allow me to enjoy both simultaneously and I never leave home without it.

Why do I love X-mini:

My X-mini’s are always in my bag. They are so small that I don’t even have to sweat packing them. With them around, they allow me to share my music with people. These speakers are the perfect recipe for starting a mini party or just speakers to play grooves to a bunch of tired skaters just chilling after a session. They look awesome, provide endless entertainment and is just too convenient to have around. 


X-mini, BHC Wheels, Shima Skate Manufacturing, Loco Skates Shop, Create Originals Frames

Favourite Trick:

Airs on Street, natural transitions and banks

X-mini™ II Capsule Speaker™
Favourite Playlist:

Alice in Chains – Rain when I die.

Electric Wizard – Satyr IX

Sublime – Badfish

Hugh Mundell – Rasta have the Handle

Aesop Rock – Battery

Jimi Hendrix – Hey Joe

Lynard Skynard – The Ballad of Curtis Low

Pink Floyd – Speak to me, Breathe

Organised Konfusion – Stress

The Doors – Riders on the Storm