Our Successes & Awards

The team at Xmi Pte Ltd is always ready to have fun but being acknowledged for our efforts and dedication to the pursuit of our passion is one of the best reasons to party!

Over the years, Xmi Pte Ltd’s commitment to our craft has been honoured by several prestigious awards. These include design and innovation accolades for the range of X-mini Capsule Speakers as well as business awards for entrepreneurship and brand development.

We are humbled and grateful for all of these awards as they are a great source of motivation to fuel our drive for innovation.

What people are saying about our products!

X-mini is another small company I've liked for a long while. I came across them by accident at CES several years ago in an out-of-the-way area, and have been impressed with them ever since. They had wonderful golf ball-sized portable "capsule" speaker (whose design has since been oft-copied) that had seriously impressive sound and volume (not so easily copied...). Over the years, they've somehow been able to come up with a continuing stream of innovative new devices based on that.

~ From “Home Office on the Road” by Robert J. Elisberg for The Huffington Post, 21 November 2021

Xmi, the Singapore firm behind the iconic capsule speakers, has come a long way since the introduction of its very first X-mini speaker in 2007. And while we have seen many new offerings from the company over the years, its latest Me thumb-sized speaker is the first to sport a complete redesign…Measuring just 44mm in height and less than 40mm in diameter, the X-mini Me is a very tiny speaker. In fact, it's the smallest we've seen from the company so far. But as we have learnt from the original capsule speaker, never judge an X-mini speaker by its size.

~ From “X-mini Me: thumb-sized speaker for your mobile devices” by Reuben Lee for CNET Asia, 21 Nov 2021


Our Awards







  • red dot design award – X-mini™ Capsule Speaker™
  • red dot design award – X-mini™ MAX Capsule Speaker™
  • Infocomm Singapore Awards (IS Awards)
  • T3 UK Gold Award
  • Hardware Magazine Silver Award
  • Malaysia CHIP Recommended Award
  • Businessweek Asia’s Best Young Entrepreneur nomination