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 Subject :Make full use of the BXS feature in all X-Mini product.. 21-11-2021 20:19:36 
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The BXS technology is great. However,it still does not provide serious deep sounding bass like a real woofer does.

The bass is still as dry as a tiny speaker.


Since the BXS feature causes the whole speaker unit to shake quite a bit, an Idea came into my mind and it works.


The surface where you put your speaker plays a very important role as a passive subwoofer.

Having your speaker on a corrugated cardboard box enhances it's bass at least 10X

Box size affects it's performance too

so... Bigger Box=More Bass

You'll get real serious bass out of it without having an external subwoofer to play with it.

Experiment yourself to see which surface provides better sounding platform.

-Marble surface gives out crisp clear trebles with a lean bass

-Pillowed surface or carpets dampen everything out,giving pleasant mids for clear vocals

-Car hood gives out metallic bass, suitable for hardcore electric guitar songs


Though you won't get heart thumping bass but still the bass is present and it is more than enough for average listening. It enhances the sound and make it more full bodied.


Highly Recommended to give it a try

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