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Similar to our Philosophy of "Sound Beyond Size", you will find here talented individuals who have proven to be more than meets the eye! 

Andrew Halls

Andrew Halls. London. UK.

In his mid twenties, X-mini ambassador Andrew Halls not only works hard but plays hard too. Skating since he was 13, Andrew is currently sponsored by and Rollerblade. With a BSc in Biology from Oxford Brookes, Andrew is a City worker who is highly motivated and this allows him to juggle his 9-5 job with running skate events in his local area as well as DJ-ing his favorite Drum & Bass and Hip Hop tunes. With his passion for music, Andrew also writes music reviews for Hip Hop magazines and Kingdom Mag. The X-mini’s follow Andrew wherever he goes including filming sessions for two upcoming skate DVDs in the United Kingdom, where he is based.

Maxime Lenik a.k.a Xeum

Xeum. Shanghai. China.


French DJ, producer, remixer and performer from asian and slav roots, Xeum discovered electronic music and synthesis sound as a child and quickly started to compose and perform his music . With a versatile music background education, his collaborations and experiences are as eclectic as diverse: studio recordings for Oxmo Puccino, Daddy Nuttea (EMI), collaborations with DJ Sek, Sapho, Michael Canitrot in Paris, to several China Tour for Chivas , several remixes for Mikey Gallagher (House Sound Of LA, Hed Kandi and Ministry Of Sound America) and an EP with swedish Dirtyworx released on S2G including Emrah Celik Remix that reached the rank #8 of TOP 100 Minimal BEATPORT download recently .

Since fall 2006, alongside the music production, his dedication and vision as co- founder and artistic director of LOgO Shanghai , a gathering place for many of Shanghai's creative talents and reknown international artists on tour in Asia, have helped earn the venue the Reader's Choice award for Best Live Music venue (2008 and 2009) as well as awards best after hours and live rock bar (2009) . Xeum contributed and continues to developp Shanghai music scene supporting locals (Ben Huang, Coco Zhao, Sa Dingding) and internatinonal talents (Dʼjulz, Team Canada, Beat Torrent, Jimi Tenor). Heʼs currenly working on a exlusive compilation for LOgO as well as remixes for Disco Idol : Ottawan, Cheets (House Sound of LA) , tracks for the next Shanghai Music Society compilation, an Ep for a new digital label : Eclesia (Singapour) and new projects with Keewix or Emrah Celik. Bootyshake is Xeumʼs latest project to be release on Jazzmin Records this summer.

Currently in Shanghai, Xeum is producing as well original soundtracks for fashion Shows, TV and Luxury brands events. Therefore he spins and perform for various kinds of events and partys. Xeum opens his musical vibe as music and sounds cross his life. Mixing music since teenage, he played in Paris ( Batofar, MadaM, L'Alternative, Pin-Up), performed music through Europe (WOMAD festival, Sugafactory). Since 2005, Xeum rocked the biggest clubs around China (M1NT, Tango, LAN, Bar Rouge) , Vietnam ( Century 21, Club X). He spinned in Shanghai (M1NT, Bar Rouge, Sin, MAO, VIProom, Attica, Fabrique, Muse, Barbarossa). Versatiliy might be closest way of describing Xeum sonic sensitivity as he regularly spins and produces a very large range of music from Classic, Jazz, through TechHouse- Electro to Electronica for various kinds of events (Nike, Louis Vuitton, Evian, Estee Lauder, Tag Heuer, Rado, Benz, Audi) , fashion shows music (Triumph, Bvlgary, Trussardi, Shanghai Tang, Zegna, HangFeng, IFA, Piombo) to international clubs openings such as M1NT, IMA, Muse. In 2008 he spins at Bar Rouge and Barbarossa as resident in Shanghai. He performed his live electronic music set in Amsterdam (NL) at Sugarfactory , opening for Sa Dingding (BBC world music awarded arstist, Universal Music) live concert as part of her last European tour in november 2008. In 2009, Xeum spins at Gplus Shanghai , the Shack in Singapour and he focuses his work on production (SMS compilation, remixes). In 2010, besides diverse and sucessfull collaborations , Xeum tours with a new live act mixing and performing electronic and acoustic instruments or a 100% Originals DJ set.

Oli Benet

Oli Benet. Barcelona. Spain.
Oli Benet was born in London in 1981, and moved to Barcelona in 1997.

Since then he has dedicated his life to rolling, achieving sponsorship
on a number of brands including Razors, GC, Deshi, Kizer and UC, with
whom he was given 2 pro-wheels that sold worldwide.

In 2004 Oli Benet joined The Conference, and began moving up through
the ranks from flow to pro, also creating his own clothing brand,
Stygma, which became the best selling clothing brand in inline in its
first year in Europe.

Oli was voted Spanish skater of the year and most important person in
the Spanish scene in 2006, and soon became marketing, tour, team and
brand manager for, encompassing USD, Xsjado, UC,
Kizer and Sifika, a position he continues to hold.

Outside of rollerblading, Oli Benet is a Drum and Bass / Dubstep DJ,
who has played all over Europe including Berlin Arena (Germany),
Geneva (Switzerland), Bucharest (Romania) and throughout Spain. He
also holds a weekly residency in Barcelona, and has recorded radio
shows for Kunninmindz (UK), Drop Dread Radio (Romania) and Nextgen
radio, Russia.

Lately Oli was chosen to feature in a massive Stimorol gum ad campaign
throughout Europe, and can be seen on TV's and billboards in
approximately 15 countries.

Oli is passionate about music, making X-Mini and Oli Benet a perfect match.

Catch up with Oli by checking his website,

Steve Appleton

Steve Appleton. Surrey. UK.

Taking inspiration from Pop, Jazz, Reggae and Funk, twenty one year old Steve Appleton has an ear for a tune and an eye for an incredible live show. Steve also wrote and produced his entire album.

At such a young age he has already achieved a great deal following his signing to Sony Music. In 2009 Steve was featured in a TV campaign for Smart Car. His single 'Dirty Funk' featured in the campaign as well as Steve being the face of the brand in Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Japan and China. Sony Music Japan were fast to react to Steve's Smart collaboration, and they quickly started to promote Steve, where his debut single 'Dirty Funk' went straight to number one on the airplay charts, staying there for six weeks. Steve ended 2009 with a sell out tour of Japan and started 2010 voted #1 International Artist on Tokyo FM.

Steve was born and raised in Surrey and while growing up made an amazing connection with music. He started learning the piano age six, taking to it naturally and was writing classical pieces in the style of Beethoven and Rachmaninoff by age 11. Around this time, unbeknown to Steve's school that he could play at all, he entered the school music competition and claimed 1st prize, motivating him to take music more seriously. Whilst studying classical piano grades, he decided he wanted to take a new direction with his playing to a more contemporary style, idolizing the likes of Billy Joel, Elton John and Bruce Hornsby, he started teaching himself the piano by ear.

Aged fifteen, Steve started playing piano in one of London's top West End restaurants. Playing twice a week he built up a huge repertoire of songs, filling the 4-hour shift by improvising around covers of his favorite artists. Steve played in restaurants for 3 years before getting signed to Sony, all the timeworking on an album in a rudimentary studio he set up in his bedroom.

Photo shoots and video shoots have taken Steve to all corners of the globe including New York, LA, Miami, Cape Town and China. His last video shoot was directed by Frank Borin, who has been a frequent director on the hit TV show 24. Steve has performed on the same bill with artists such as Jay-Z and John Legend, and adding to his live CV he enjoyed the summer of 2009 playing at events such as Glastonbury, Wireless, Hard Rock Calling amongst other festivals around the country.

There are some very bright prospects ahead in 2010 for Steve with releases coming in the UK, Asia and the US. Luck is something Steve Appleton is earning through hard work and remarkable talent, and you just have to see one of his live shows to witness the results.

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