Company History

Founded in Singapore in August 2006, Xmi Pte Ltd started with the simple objective of trying to create the smallest pocketsize speaker with the richest sound possible. The team at Xmi Pte Ltd had identified a void in the market which was lacking in affordable good quality portable speakers with the growing trend of small portable multimedia players like mobile phones, MP3 players, portable game stations and laptops in the last decade.

The birth of a product

Like a mad scientist, Ryan bought as many portable speakers he could find using part of the precious little S$30,000 he had to start Xmi Pte Ltd and was determined to suss out the competition. He returned to his laboratory and worked ferociously on developing one good product that would surprise the world and shake things up. The product of his experiment took off and he ploughed his resources back into the company to innovate further into stereo versions and mp3 versions of the pioneer product and continually strive to research and develop a wider variety of products.

The pinnacle of Achievement

Whether it was insanity, blind faith or incredible ambition, Ryan has managed to attain a level of achievement that many people his age would be proud of and many mothers would boast about. In just three years, the company has grown exponentially and garnered eight local and international awards. Ryan won himself a nomination for the BusinessWeek Asia’s Best Young Entrepreneur Award in 2008 while the X-mini™ products by Xmi Pte Ltd also picked up the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in the same year. All without having to bribe anyone.

As its products are being sold around the world today, Xmi Pte Ltd continues to grow and Ryan still holds on to his enthusiasm and commitment to innovation. Coming this far is just the beginning of Ryan’s dream and he strives on to bring products that are not just new and creative but also of high quality and functionality. That and beating everyone at pool and foosball.

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