The BuddyJack is a neat feature that was introduced in the X-mini II and X-mini MAX II speakers series. This 3.5mm audio jack allows multiple X-minis to connect to each other, extending the music source to more speakers for a louder experience.

Meet with friends and hook up your X-minis to get a better sound for all to hear!


Bass Xpansion System
The Bass Xpansion System (BXS) is a simple technology that gives all X-minis the added bass and full sound you hear or will hear when you get plugged in. Just a simple twist and the spring inside will push up the upper half of the X-mini. Try it for yourself! Listen to your music while the speakers are twisted closed and when the BXS is in action. You will  be amazed at the difference in sound!


Li-ion Battery
X-mini Capsule Speakers are designed as self-contained units so as to prolong your listening experience. With Li-ion batteries, your speakers do not drain your player's battery. The Li-ion batteries are then able to provide your speakers the power to give you the good quality sound you hear from every X-mini.

At Xmi, we take pride in our engineering and select good quality batteries that are able to support our X-minis.

As in all Li-ion batteries, it needs to be used frequently. Lack of use will decrease the battery's effectiveness and life.


X-mini II, X-mini MAX II and X-mini Happy speakers come with 40mm drivers. With the 40mm driver, you find the perfect balance of sound and size. Our engineers have been working hard in finding the right balance to work the drivers delivering distortion free highs and delivering amazing bass when working in conjunction with the BXS. In addition to the sound quality, Xmi believes in making great looking products. We've customized the driver to compliment the overall design of our speakers.


X-minis first made their appearance with 36mm drivers. Truly remarkable, the 36mm drivers were the first to create Sound Beyond Size.

Our engineers have been constantly evolving this line of products and improving the integrity of the speakers with 36mm drivers. These products make themselves ultra-portable and are perfect for bringing around in your pocket. Not that 40mm driver speakers are not perfect for pockets, but 36mm driver speakers a little more ideal for this purpose.

Check out the power of 36mm with our new X-mini v1.1


Stow-away Cable
The X-mini II introduced a stow-away cable for added portability. All our mono-speakers after the X-mini II come with a stow-away cable where you can easily connect your mp3 player.


Small and incredibly good looking, X-minis has won several awards for its unique design.

The X-mini I, X-mini MAX and X-mini Happy have won the reddot design award.

The X-mini II and X-mini MAX II have won the Singapore infocomm Technology award.

More importantly, they have won the hearts of many audiophiles and customers who have been the main inspiration for creating great sounding products.


Sound Quality
Sound Quality is one of Xmi's primary focus. Our engineers spend hours perfecting the balance, integrity and quality of an X-mini's sound. All components and materials that we use have been taken into thorough consideration.

You will be able to judge for yourself the improvement in uncompromising sound quality.

Over at our HQ, we go through another round of testing before production. The results from all this emphasis can be clearly heard when you have an X-mini in the palm of your hand.

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