Company Profile

Xmi Pte Ltd is a Singaporean Company founded in 2006. From the beginning, the company has been focussed on the following key areas:


The strive for innovation is the fuel for future growth. Xmi Pte Ltd never ceases in its quest to refine and continue the process of creating ideas for new products.


At the heart of the company is the passion for design as we aspire towards innovation for the next generation of X-mini Capsule Speakers.


Xmi Pte Ltd works hard to always be evolving its engineering techniques not to just maintain but to enhance sound quality for the X-mini Capsule Speaker to stay ahead in the portable audio industry.


The customer experience with the X-mini Capsule Speaker is the culmination of Xmi Pte Ltd's endeavour to meld the perfect balance of Innovation, Design and Sound.

Children International

Xmi Pte Ltd supports Children International - a non-profit organisation set up to help poor children around the world. We will donate 10% of our profits from the sale of the X-mini HAPPY to Children International. You too can do your part by going to and become a sponsor. Your monthly contribution will make a difference to a child in need, providing

1. Health care

2. Dental

3. Nutritional assistance

4. Educational Support

5. Clothing and shoes

6. A better life

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