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Richard Siciliano

Houston, Texas, USA

"I have mounted X-mini on my bicycle so I can listen to music while riding.  I use a mounting bracket made by Saeng.  It’s intended for mounting radar detectors, cameras, GPS, etc, to the handle bars of motorcycles.  Called a ‘cockpit mount’ at www.Saeng.com I mounted it to the aero-bars on the bike, but it could also be mounted to the handlebar.   the X-mini(s) mount via Velcro hook and loop and in several hundred miles of bike riding they’ve never come loose, yet are easy to take on and off.

Sound quality is excellent and I retain the functionality of the aero-bars on the bike.  I can attach both a single X-MINI II or a double X-MINI-MAX.  I prefer the X-MINI-MAX set up, and I’ve attached pictures of both.

Using the X-mini on the bike is superior to using headphones, as I am much more aware of ambient noise around me—vehicles, other riders, pedestrians.  In fact, many organize bike rides prohibit the use of headphones for safety reasons, but have no issues with the X-mini set up."

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