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 Subject :X-Mini II Charging Issue.. 18-09-2021 04:36:06 
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Hello there :)

Can you guys help me with this?

I recently bought a X-mini II in a local store in Spain when I was on vacation and I was really happy with my acquisition but the first thing I noticed when I opened the box, was the fact that the speaker came out without any charge, so when I switched the button to ON the blue led didn't showed up (obviously). Wasn't the speaker supposed to come fully charged from factory?

Since then, I started to wonder myself if the speaker had a technical issue, but I went home and leaved it charging in the laptop with the cables provided in the box... 2.5 Hours passed and the Led was still Red...

I turned off the computer and in the next morning I leaved it charging again, this time for about four hours. Conclusion, after 6 hours of charging the blue led finally showed up. Yesterday e ran out of battery and it took again 6/7 hours to be fully charged.

This is quite annoying because it takes a LOT more time than it should take to charge :/   I Would like to hear any advice from you to solve this situation.

Best Regards ;)

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 Subject :Re:X-Mini II Charging Issue.. 12-10-2021 01:27:27 
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Dear Metrix, have a read of this Knowledgebase article on charging problems.

When you buy the X-mini, you must check it before you buy it. Our products contain a Li-ion battery and this, like all products, run out of battery after not being used for long.
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