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Drop Shipping Information

Xmi Drop Shipping is a quick and lucrative way to expand your existing range of products without having to commit to an initial large capital outlay in purchasing stock. Keep a lean inventory to facilitate smoother cashflow. You can either buy small bulk from us and stock your shop or use our 'pick-pack-n-ship' service to your customer.

Fill up the Drop Ship Enquiry form so that we have some details about your company to begin with. We'd like to know more about the products you sell, where you are and basically how your business is run. Once we're happy with the information, we'll send you an agreement letter to be signed by yourself and us. Once this is complete, register as a user and we'll activate your account to begin Drop Shipping with us.

Existing Shipping Rates will apply. So you need to charge your customers accordingly. As we ship internationally, we are unable to track the individual customs tax and duties, and this will be the sole responsibility of the customer. If you are ordering small bulk from us to your store, most likely you'll enjoy free shipping (depending on quantity), but you have to bear the respective tax and duties to your country. Don't worry though, you'll still earn enough even after taxes.

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