We have here, a short and brief guide on how to buy an X-mini®. It's really easy:

Recommended Usage
X-mini® I

® II



® Happy
mp3 player / iPod / Mobile Phone*
Laptop / Tablet

Gaming Device (PSP, DS, iPhone)

Connection Mono Mono Stereo Stereo Mono
Driver Size 36mm 40mm 36mm 40mm 40mm

*Mobile Phones must have a 3.5mm audio jack. This is the same size as normal earphones.
Some Nokia phones or other devices may use the 2.5mm audio jack, but this is really a small percentage of you out there.

For the audiophile and , check out our Product Matrix for a more in-depth comparison below.

So now you've more or less decided what to get. Now lets get down to a pre-purchase scenario and what to do:


Always check the speaker's workability. You do not want to be accidentally buying a returned unit or a malfunctioned unit. Our products come with a Li-ion battery and as all products with Li-ion batteries, there is a lifespan so please check the workability before you buy.

If you buy from our Online Store, we do all these steps for you.

Step #1

Twist open the BXS and check that the top half extends. Try doing this a few times to ensure a smooth open and close.

Step #2

Connect to your mp3 player or iPod, turn on the speaker/s and play some music. Please test it.

Step #3

Check the volume control on the speaker if there is. Ensure maximum volume on your player and on the speaker.

Step #4

Check the LED lights to see if they are blue (green for X-mini® I). If you notice a weak light or a mixed colour, do not accept that speaker.


You're probably more or less satisfed with what you hear. Now don't stop there. Most likely there are other brands the retailer carries. Take the opportunity to hear for yourself how the other brands of portable speakers perform!

At Xmi, we test multiple brands of speakers every other day and we always want to ensure that we are the best. Now you too can be part of this process and at the same time hear for yourself the quality of X-mini® Speakers.

If you found another speaker with better quality than an X-mini®, please feel free to drop us some feedback. We'll be really interested to find out which one.


Check the contents. Pouch and charging cable are inclusive.

Stereo cable with a volume control for X-mini® MAX II.

Data transfer USB cable, earphones and a SD Card with the X-mini® Happy.*

*some X-mini
® Happys do not come with the SD Card. Check for the sticker on the outside of the box.

That's it! Look forward to enjoying great sound and portability. Oh, and becareful when you listen in public, it gets really loud and may annoy some people.

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