Directed Sound

We tweaked it a bit

So you can enjoy it more.

Driver Size

Makes the difference.

Driver size affects performance.
Upgrade your driver size to experience
Sound Beyond Size.


Share your music.

Buddies help each other.
Help yourselves share music the X-mini Way.

Extended Battery Life

12 Hours.

A generation apart with 6 hours more listening time.

X-mini MAX II Capsule Speaker

More About the X-mini MAX II

Developed in Singapore, the X-mini MAX II is expertly designed to be ultraportable and precisely engineered to deliver a superior sound. With a simple twist and lift, the avant garde capsule-shaped design unveils a pair of stereo speakers. These stylish speakers, which can also be used individually, pop open to reveal the patented accordion-like Bass Xpansion System™ (BXS™) which successfully mimics the resonance of a sub woofer.
New to the design aesthetics of the X-mini MAX II is the open and angled drivers for a directional audio enhancement as well as a richer bass output. Promoting communal usage with friends who have any second generation X-mini speakers is the “Buddy-Jack” function that enables you to connect one X-mini to another, capable of forming an almost endless “daisy chain” of self-powered, bass-enhanced portable speaker system.
Defying the conventional notion that size does matter, the X-mini MAX II, is a moveable feast of sounds. Its new 40 mm driver, expanded BXS™, extended playback time and modular “Buddy-Jack” design, enables it to effectively generate high-quality and extensive aural ranges, be it the rich timbres of a soprano or the pulsating electronic beats of the latest dance track.
The logical choice for the itinerant music aficionado, the powerful yet compact X-mini MAX II produces high-fidelity sound at any pitch or volume and is perfect in all environments, be it the boardroom or kitchen.

Featured Customer

  • Richard Siciliano
    Houston, Texas, USA
      "I have mounted X-mini on my bicycle so I can listen to music while riding.  I use a mounting bracket made by Saeng.  It’s intended for mounting radar detectors,...

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