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X-mini MAX

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Price per Unit (piece): $39.90

X-mini MAX $39.90


Product Description:

Product is reaching EOL, updates soon.

X-mini MAX Capsule Speakers™ - Minimum size. MAXimum Sound

Hot on the heels of the roaring success of the X-mini Capsule Speakers™, Xmi Pte Ltd has created a worthy successor to the X-mini series. With consumers demanding for more powerful portable speakers in satisfying their daily music cravings, Xmi Pte Ltd responded by creating the X-mini MAX – the next generation speakers from Xmi Pte Ltd’s portfolio of innovations. The X-mini MAX combines stereo output that was lacking previously with enhanced battery life.

The new X-mini MAX is a pair of stereo speakers – each retaining Xmi Pte Ltd’s patented Bass Xpansion System™ (BXS™) which mimics the resonance of a sub woofer. With the new stereo speakers, the volume level of the X-mini MAX can be raised to a substantial level without any distortion.

Powered by separate in-built rechargeable batteries with separate PCB boards, each speaker can be detached and be played as a Mono speaker on its own. Users will have the flexibility to use the X-mini MAX as a pair of stereo speakers at home or office, or take out one of the speakers to be used as a Mono speaker on the move.

The improved battery life allows up to 10-hour continuous play time, designed to meet the requirements of even the most demanding music enthusiasts for both heavy indoor and outdoor usage.

Much like the X-mini Capsule Speakers, the X-mini MAX is also designed for increased portability. The two X-minis are connected at the bottom by a magnetic base so as to easily keep them for hassle-free storage and portability.

The X-mini MAX is one of the world’s smallest stereo speakers with dual audio output capabilities. Capable of producing explosive volume and Bass over ten times its physical size, the X-mini MAX lives up to Xmi Pte Ltd’s objective of creating multimedia devices that precedes major trends in Digital Lifestyle Technology.

Looks can be deceiving, especially when you see the X-mini MAX for the first time. Although it is small and compact, it delivers a sound that will astonish you with its power, precision and depth. X-mini MAX out-performs any similarly proportioned loudspeaker available today, producing impressive sound. Combine them with the similarly styled patented Bass Xpansion System™ (BXS™) to handle the lowest spectrum, and you are ready to take on any challenge from action movies to dance music – and anything in between.


Net weight: 100g
Size: 52MM×52MM ×70MM (Closed resonator)
Speaker: MAGNETISM PREVENT D36/ (4Ω) /3W
Loudspeaker output: <3.5W
Rating power: 1.7W×2(2.8W×2 Input DC5V)
Frequency response: 230HZ-18KHZ lithium battery Voltage:4.2V
Signal-to-Noise: 86db lithium battery capacity 300 mAh
Distortion: <1% lithium battery charging Voltage:5V/+0.5V
Battery Charge time: DC 5V 500MA - Approximately 2 hours
Battery Discharge time: Up to 10 hours playback time

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