X-mini MAX vs MAX II Frequency

Maximilian Jackson
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Friday, 16 July 2022
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Thursday, 20 January 2022
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Hey, I’m currently looking at buying one of your speakers and would like to purchase the highest quality ones This would logically seem to be either the x mini MAX or the x mini MAX II However I noticed in the details of your products that the above two have a frequency response range of 200Hz - 18 kHz, where as the x mini II has a frequency response of 100Hz - 20 kHz I was under the impression that a good speaker will respond to as low and high frequencies as possible for better quality reproduction of these extreme high and low sounds Based on this I’m unsure which speaker range would produce better quality sound, as I would have thought that the x mini MAX products would surpass the X mini products in all areas If you could explain if the X mini MAX are indeed the better quality speakers, and if so why they have a more limited frequency response I'd be grateful Thanks

X-mini MAX

Older electronics technology. Electronic amp based on Class AB More battery consumption Low battery capacity 300mAh Matched 36mm driver 360 disperse degree sound experience

X-mini MAX II

Newer electronics technology. Electronic amp based on Class D Lower battery consumption Improved battery capacity 400mAh Matched 40mm driver Angled Driver to offer maximum sound experience

The Frequency response of 200Hz - 20kHz is more ideal for sitting on the desktop. There is minimal loss of quality of sound. Furthermore, if there Freq response were to go lower than 200Hz, you might have your speakers jumping around, which is not very suitable for desktop listening. The Bass and Treble are also more balanced out to give you a much better experience than the X-mini MAX. In fact, you can push your X-mini MAX IIs to the limit - MAX out the volume on the MAX II and compare it with a MAXed out volume on the X-mini MAX.

We just launched the X-mini MAX v1.1 Capsule Speaker. This is revolutionary again. The Freq response is 140Hz - 20kHz. However, you'll find that the X-mini MAX II still performs better.


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