Warranty Registration

Customers are advised to keep their copies of the receipt/invoice/proof of purchase (best to have a scanned copy of it) for the year the warranty is effective. We will still honour it within the year (starting from purchase date on your receipt) should you encounter any issues covered under the limited warranty.

Product Related FAQs

How do I reset my Explore/ Explore plus speaker?

Explore - press & hold Vol- and power buttons to reset
Explore plus - press power & Vol + buttons for 10 seconds to reset
The reset is to be performed with the speaker powered on. Once the reset is done, the speaker will power off.

How do I know if the X-mini KAI2 / X-mini WE is fully charged or charging?

Below are the respective LED light indicators for X-mini KAI2 /X-mini WE:
When Charging: Red light
Fully charged: No Light
Wired mode: Red light
Bluetooth mode: Blinking when no device is connected and a constant red/blue light when a device is connected.
It is also recommended to charge the speaker when it is switched off.

Will the X-mini CLEAR automatically power off after a period of inactivity?

Yes, the audio system will automatically power off after 10 minutes of inactivity should there not be any audio feed.

What should I do if the audio system hangs or does not function properly?

Locate the reset button at the bottom right corner behind the X-mini CLEAR, and use a pin to press down on the reset button for 2 seconds. The audio system should restart and function normally.

What can I use to charge the X-mini Capsule Speakers?

Our Li-ion batteries are 5V batteries and can be charged via:

  • USB computer port
  • USB wall plug - iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung or any other smartphone plug. (However, these plugs are for 9V batteries and may deplete the X-mini Capsule Speaker’s battery life over long usage)
  • USB car cigarette lighter plug
  • AA battery charger like the Energizer Energy-to-go

How do I ‘jumpstart’ my X-mini Capsule Speaker?

Sometimes after long periods of non-usage, you will find that the speaker cannot be turned on. Try charging the speaker with the power switch in the “ON” position for a few minutes.

Next try turning it off and on again and it should start working. If the LED light is on and there is sound, then you have successfully jumpstarted your X- mini Capsule Speaker. After which, continue to charge it for 2 hours.

If there is still no light and no sound, the speaker is probably faulty. If it is still under warranty, bring it to the retailer or distributor you bought the product from, to get it replaced. Please be reminded that for replacements, you need to have your Receipt or Invoice as a proof of purchase.

Why does my X-mini Capsule Speaker seem to be shorter than depicted in the photograph?

If your X-mini Capsule Speaker does not open to full height, do not worry as the sound is not necessarily significantly affected. Of course if you twist it open and it barely expands, then it could be possible that the spring mechanism is broken. In this case, if it is still under warranty, we will probably suggest that you let us have a look at it and if it is in fact spoilt, we will replace it with a new one.

How do I close the X-mini Capsule Speaker?

You should see a small vertical line just above the USB port. There is a similar line on the top half of the X-mini Capsule Speaker. Press the two halves of the X-mini Capsule Speaker down together and twist to the right to align the two lines with each other. You should feel some resistance as the two near each other when closing the speaker.

How do I use the Bluetooth function on my X-mini KAI Capsule Speaker?

When you turn on the X-mini KAI Capsule Speaker’s Bluetooth function, there should be a beep sound and you can see the LED indicator blinking. This is the prompt to look at your Bluetooth enabled player to see if you can view available pairing options.

You should see “X-mini KAI” on the list of devices so just proceed to select that.

If you do not hear a “beep” sound at the beginning, the product is most probably faulty and will require a replacement. Please be reminded that for replacements, you need to have your Receipt or Invoice as a proof of purchase.

Where is the serial number?

The serial number of your X-mini Capsule Speaker is located underneath the product.

What are the specifications for a power supply that would supply six speakers?

  • Charger: Standard USB Charger (Wall plug)
  • Charging Voltage: 5V
  • Current: 2.1amps
  • Power: 10W

Do take note that there will be some static noise if you are charging and playing the X-mini Capsule Speaker at the same time.

Why is the volume control on my X-mini KAI Capsule Speaker not working?

The volume control on the unit can only be performed while in Bluetooth mode and that was designed to preserve Bluetooth audio quality. Volume control in the wired mode needs to be performed from the source device itself (phone, mp3, etc).

Are there any tips on how to best use the X-mini Capsule Speakers?

X-mini Capsule Speakers are built to deliver Sound Beyond Size and as such, the product does “vibrate” when it is being played at a very high volume so that should be expected.

We do not recommend using the X-mini Capsule Speaker while it is charging as this will shorten the battery lifespan and at the same time may also create static noise in playback.

Also, be careful not to twist the X-mini Capsule Speaker in the wrong direction and avoid dropping the product because these actions may cause damage.

One important tip would be to increase the volume gradually as you play back your favourite tunes on the X-mini Capsule Speaker instead of turning it to the maximum at the beginning. Turn down the volume before/while using the speaker as sudden loud sounds may sometimes cause damage to the driver.

Can I charge and play the speaker at the same time?

It is not recommended to charge and play at the same time as doing it frequently may affect the battery life in long term.

I have lost one of the screws/rubber feet on my X-mini Capsule Speakers, do you sell them?

No, we do not sell any parts of the X-mini Capsule Speaker independently. We suggest that a similar replacement could be found at craft shops.

I am a retailer and I would like to sell X-mini Capsule Speakers, how do I go about it?

For further information on how to become a retailer of our products, please email us at info@xm-i.com and our friendly Sales Team will attend to your enquiry.

Can I have my company logo printed on the X-mini Capsule Speaker and order it in bulk?

Yes. For further information, please email us at info@xm-i.com and our friendly Sales Team will attend to your enquiry.

Warranty FAQs

For X-mini Products not purchased from x-mini.com , please kindly approach the retailer you have purchased from / request for the contact of their X-mini distributor to seek a returns / exchange .

I bought my speaker from a retailer in Singapore,Where do I get my speaker replaced/repaired in Singapore?

For Singapore customers, kindly approach Convergent System Pte Ltd (Bring along the receipt and the speaker)

9 Ubi Cres, 408572

Tel:6337 0177

Limited Warranty Support

For any Limited Warranty support, a valid Proof of Purchase is required.
Please note that we have a strictly NO REFUND, NO RETURN AND NO EXCHANGE policy, except that we will provide a replacement of a faulty unit (or part thereof) purchased from us or our authorised vendors or distributors within one (1) year from the date of purchase which has any of the following faults and problems (and where such fault or problem qualifies for exchange in our or vendor’s or distributor’s [as the case may be] reasonable discretion):

  • Inability to charge
  • Speakers cannot close if new/ unused/ out of box upon purchase only..
  • Faulty volume control or no sound
  • Broken speaker-attached cable if new/ unused/ out of box upon purchase only.

The warranty does not cover:

  • Product failures which have been caused by use of accessories other peripheral devices which are not X-mini branded original accessories intended for use with the X-mini Capsule Speaker.
  • Product failures caused by modification, repair and disassembly by any person who is not authorized by the manufacturer.
  • Any damage caused by misuse, dropping, hitting or neglect of the X-mini Capsule Speaker.
  • Speaker-attached cable and external cables defect through wear and tear.
  • Wear and tear

My speaker is a Gift

If the Product was a gift we suggest you to ask the giver to provide you with the receipt; or handle the warranty process. Unfortunately, we cannot support warranty if proof of purchase is not produced.

Counterfeit products

The warranty will not cover products purchased from non-authorised reseller/distributors and/or non-authorised websites. Products purchased from non-authorised reseller/distributors and/or non-authorised websites are often counterfeit goods. If you have purchased a product from an non-authorised reseller/distributors and/or non-authorised websites, all support and Warranty issues should be directed to that dealer.

Discount Sites/ Groupon / Deal sites

Unless explicitly stated / announced on this site, X-mini does not work with any discount sites or Groupon type websites/ apps to distribute our products. If you had purchased from any of these sites, please do go back to such retailers with your receipts/invoices. X-mini is unable to be responsible for supporting warranties from these retail channels.

Why is the receipt/proof of purchase needed?

We must be able to identify that the X-mini Capsule Speaker still falls within the applicable warranty period and verify that the product was purchased from an authorised seller.

My X-mini Capsule Speaker is faulty and it is still within the (1) one year limited warranty, how do I get it repaired/replaced?

Kindly contact the retailer who sold it to you with the proof of purchase. We have given clear instructions to our authorised distributors/retailers to provide the limited warranty support.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Regarding products purchased from Amazon, eBay and other aggregate sites.


We do not sell on eBay. If you have purchased an X-mini Capsule Speaker from eBay, please go back to the seller who had sold you the products to seek recourse. We will not offer any form of support for products purchased on eBay as we do not authorise any sale of the X-mini Capsule Speaker on eBay.


If you have purchased our products from Amazon , please note that only those that are fulfilled by Amazon directly* (and not sold by other sellers in the marketplace) are genuine articles supported by X-mini warranty. When you seek support for your X-mini Capsule Speaker, your full Amazon receipt will be required.

For customers who have bought from Amazon and have an X-mini Product which still falls within their the 1 year warranty, you may contact Amazon directly and ask to be forwarded to the distributor for recourse.

What do I do if the external cable is no longer working/missing?

Our limited warranty does not cover the external cable, however you can purchase a new cable from our online store.

Customer Service and Support

If you cannot find the answer to your question, we are always here to help you. All you need to do is drop us an email. Contact us at support@xm-i.com with the following details indicated in the email so that we can offer you the best assistance quickly:

  • Model of X-mini Speaker
  • Where the purchase was made
  • Proof of purchase (To verify if the product falls within the applicable warranty period and also if the Product was purchased from an authorised seller.)
  • Your residential address
  • If you are requesting for exchange/returns of a defective product, please do include the following pictures of your X-mini Capsule Speaker.
    • TOP view (showing X-mini brand clearly)
    • BOTTOM view (showing product label clearly)
    • SIDE view (showing Powered by Xmi clearly)

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