The original classicThe X-mini™ I “X-mini™ Capsule Speakers™”, a revolutionary 52g innovation in the world of portable audio technology, is the world’s first pocketsize speaker with a built-in bass support and rechargeable battery. It is petite in size (52mm x 35mm), but strikes with uncompromising sound quality and volume.

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The Ultimate Portable SpeakersX-mini™ MAX II Developed in Singapore, the X-Mini™ MAX II is expertly designed to be ultraportable and precisely engineered to deliver a superior sound. With a simple twist and lift, the avant garde capsule-shaped design unveils a pair of stereo speakers. These stylish speakers, which can also be used individually, pop open to reveal the patented accordion-like Bass Xpansion System™ (BXS™) which successfully mimics the resonance of a sub woofer.   Find Out More
The SuccessorX-mini™ MAX Hot on the heels of the roaring success of the X-mini™ Capsule Speakers™, Xmi Pte Ltd has created a worthy successor to the X-mini™ series. With consumers demanding for more powerful portable speakers in satisfying their daily music cravings, Xmi Pte Ltd responded by creating the X-mini™ MAX – the next generation speakers from Xmi Pte Ltd’s portfolio of innovations. The X-mini™ MAX combines stereo output that was lacking previously with enhanced battery life. Find Out More
The updated classicThe X-mini™ II The X-mini™ II Capsule Speaker™ introduces a larger 40mm driver to project richer and fuller sounds resulting in superior end-user experience from its innovative capsule design. Be it for individual or group entertainment, the X-mini™ II Capsule Speaker™ is the perfect audio enhancement for any music or video player of your choice. Find Out More
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The Perfect Laptop Replacement Speakers

Laptop speakers are either inaudible or just cannot make the cut for your listening experience.

Hook up a X-mini MAX II to give your Laptop an additional Stereo boost, changing the entire Laptop Experience into a mini theatre.

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The PERFECT iPod companion to share your music at a party!

Share your music with your friends on the go!

X-minis use a standard 3.5mm audio jack that can plug into any MP3 or iPod device. Watch your X-mini 'jump' with excitement as it amplifies your music.

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Blast your music way out loud!

The Buddy Jack feature was included so that the 1st generation of X-minis would not be forgotten

Your previous X-minis could still be used together with the 2nd Generation of X-minis. When you meet with friends, hook up your X-mini II to theirs and have a blast!

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Unbelievably Small, Light & Compact

Twist and open, close and twist.

The X-mini Capsule Speaker offers an amazing but simple technology called the BXS. With the BXS, you are able to keep your X-mini compact and neat for travel and open it to enjoy a fuller sound for your music.

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Nothing ever looked more sleek and beautiful.

X-mini Capsule Speakers were designed as self-contained units while maintaining its beautiful and cute aesthetics to engage our Users.

Not only is an X-mini able to deliver amazing sound quality, it looks great in the palm of your hand!

Unbelievably LOUD

X-mini Capsule Speakers are able to deliver unbelievably good quality sound beyond the expectations of any User.

Long Battery Life

X-mini II and X-mini MAX II Capsule Speakers are self-contained units with built-in re-chargeable batteries capable of sustained output for 12 hours of nonstop audio pleasure.

40mm Drivers

New, larger 40mm driver delivers precise highs for superb sound clarity.

Pumpin' Bass!

Expanded BXS (Bass Xpansion System) drives a fuller, richer low-end response. Simply BOOM-bastic!

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