The boys got their toys - FB Contest winners found!

The boys got their toys - FB Contest winners found!

We're psyched to announce that we've found our two lucky winners on Facebook who will be receiving our newest toy, the X-mini RAVE Capsule Speakers soon!

The contest which kick started last week was in search for our 10 000th fan on our official Facebook page, X-mini, and another lucky pick winner for the toy.

As the contest progressed however, some of our fans got really innovative and created quite an impressive presence on our wall that we found it hard to ignore their efforts! 

As we counted down to the last few minutes of the contest, the prominent few who stood a real chance to receive our gift became obvious. It was indeed heart warming to see the support that we were receiving from far away.

We'd like to congratulate the winners, Lowell Aguirre, our 10 000th fan who joined us on Tuesday afternoon and Roy M. Badidles, the fan with the most recruits - it's been amazing!

Thank you peeps, for your active participation. Without it, the contest wouldn't have been a success and there probably wouldn't be any more contests in the future so you made this happen - Big thanks!

As for those who took part and didn't get picked this time, well, every dog has its day so better luck next time for sure!

Till our next Facebook contest, Chao for now!