They Call Me ShiGGA, EP Release Party

They Call Me ShiGGA, EP Release Party

Shigga Shay, real name Pek Jin Shen, is a 20 year old Singaporean rapper who had his first rap battle at the age of 12.

Since then, he has released 2 albums, ShiGGa Shay’s in the Building in 2010 and “They Call Me ShiGGa” most recently in May of this year.

He first made his rap debut as a 16 year old on Live N Loaded, a Singaporean talent show. Shigga has since matured as a person and as an artiste. His latest album features collaborations with other prominent local musicians such as Vanessa Fernandez  for the song Rock My World, Muszique for the song Break Me and Sylvia Ratonel for the song Echoes.

Shigga’s songs are all self penned and speak of the struggles that he experiences through the course of work and life. It touches on themes such as gaining respect, acceptance and overcoming obstacles.

Shigga will be having a concert on 13th July at Home Club, Singapore.

Event: They Call Me ShiGGa,  EP Release Party

Time: 8pm

Location: Home Club, 20 Circular Road, The River Walk

Ticket price: S$13 per ticket inclusive of 1 free drink

Join the contest to stand a chance to win your ticket and an X-mini Capsule Speaker, good luck!