Sonic Spotlight: The Great Spy Experiment (Aug '12)

Sonic Spotlight: The Great Spy Experiment (Aug '12)

This modest bunch combines Indie, Rock and Dance to create their own unique blend of music that is informed by life’s happenings. Comprising of Khairyl (Bass), Fandy (Drums), Saiful (Guitars and vocals), Song (Guitars) and Magdelene (Keyboards), expect addictive guitar leads and indie riffs juxtaposed against pop hooks and melodies bound get heads bobbing.

The band has travelled to Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia to be featured in renown events such as SXSW and most recently returned from performing in New York.

In Singapore, they had their first performance in 2005 as part of Power Jam, a contest organised by radio station Power 98. They were part of the Baybeats line up in 2006, 2009 and 2012.

Their first album Flower Show Riots was released in September 2007. It garnered rave reviews and widespread acclaim in Singapore and abroad. The band is currently working on their second album titled “Litmus”, alluding to the evolution in their musical direction being a test for the band.

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