X-mini conquers AIL podium at World Extreme Game Shanghai

15 August 2022

Heading to World Extreme Games for the fourth year in a row, X-mini was excited to have our ambassadors and top aggressive inline athletes Soichiro Kanashima (JPN) and Worapoj ‘Note’ Boonnim to represent us in Shanghai!

The weather wreaked some havoc on the event with heavy downpours but armed with a film crew and the intention to make the most of our time there, the X-mini ambassadors and all our buddies took to the streets of Shanghai, doing what they do best!



After getting chased around by the local police, the boys managed to get wicked footage for our very first Shanghai edit! They also definitely won over some new fans with all the tricks that they pulled out on the streets judging by the cheers from the locals.


When the action resumed back at the event grounds, Soichiro and Note dominated the field with their flawless runs and took home the Gold and Silver medals respectively.  


Heading to Shanghai for the World Extreme Games is always a highlight for the X-mini team. Aside from it being a great opportunity for us to catch up with our X-mini ambassadors and buddies, it is also a great way to meet new friends who love life as much as we do. This time around, we got to hang out with some of the top BMX riders and also inline legends, the Yasutoko brothers, Takashi and Eito. It is also always exciting to see the new talent coming out every year and all eyes were on Takashi’s protégé Towa Kawasaki who wowed everyone even though it was his first international competition out of Japan. In fact, we were so impressed with his control and finesse that he was given the X-mini Outstanding Rookie Award!


For the X-mini biggest trick award, it was given to Jeremiah Smith from BMX Street.


TOWA Kawasaki


Here are some more pictures of Shanghai, the skaters party






One of our X-mini buddies, Jan Valenta, also gave us a taste of what it is like to be a vert BMX pro rider. We put a GoPro on his bike as he did his magic, showing us all the action on a halfpipe through his perspective.\


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