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Available here is a complete archive of the press information on Xmi Pte Ltd, the X-mini products and all the shenanigans that the team gets up to (those that we are ready to share about at least!).

And the media raves!

"While portable music players have been around since well before the Sony Walkman, the age of iPods and digital content on the go has spurred a growing demand for small speakers. Xmi developed the audio technology to deliver high-quality sound with pocket-size speakers and packaged them with built-in rechargeable batteries and an expandable base. No longer tethered to the nearest electrical outlet, people can use the speakers to play their favorite music at the beach, listen to podcasts in any room at home, or give laptop presentations an audio boost at work."

~ From “Small Speakers, Big Potential” by Jennifer Schultz Wells for Forbes, 5 Jan 2022


This capsule speaker system may be little--it's smaller than a baseball--but it packs a major sound punch…hooked one up to an iPod shuffle and our breakfast meeting suddenly went from low-key to bumping. What's cool about the X-mini  is you can expand it to intensify the bass…the company is laser focused on sound quality, which it achieves by using ceramic components as opposed to cheaper ones.

~ From “Spotted at CES: Singapore Start-ups” by Christina Desmarais for 11 Jan 2022


Corporate News

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