New Ceramic driver

The MAX offers an unparalleled stereo sound experience with the new ceramic drivers. Previously seen only in industrial-size speakers, the ceramic driver has been scaled down to a pocket0size with the MAX to offer true quality SOUND BEYOND SIZE

Mono or Stereo options

The MAX is designed for convenience and portability. The two modules are held together by their magnetic base and can be seperated to be used individually as a mono speaker with built-in 3.5mm cables at the base, or as a pair connected by the cable provided for stereo sound.


Amplify your sound even more with the snazzy Buddy-Jack function. Connect multiple X-mini™ Capsule Speaker™ to turn up the volume for an enhanced sound experience.

Bass Xpansion System™

Simply twist and turn the MAX to pop up the Bass Expansion System™ and experience a quality bass performance.

54mm x 82 mm (Closed resonator)
Frequency Response
60 Hz - 20kHz
Battery Capacity
Net weight
Battery Charging Voltage
Magnetically Shielded 36 mm (3.3Ω)
Battery Charge Time
Minimum of 2.5 hours
Loudspeaker Output
2W x 2
Playback Time
Up to 18 hours
Available Colours
Gunmetal, Red ,Orange, Blue, Green, Purple
In The Box
X-mini™ MAX Capsule Speakers™
Charging cable
Travelling pouch