X-mini™ v1.1 Capsule Speaker™

Key Features

The new and improved 36mm drivers promises to deliver superior sound enhanced in volume and quality.

 The snazzy new lid helps protect the driver and direct the sound.

Modular "Buddy Jack" design: connect a row of X-mini Capsule Speakers for jaw-dropping sound. 

Expanded BXS (Bass Xpansion System) drives a fuller, richer low-end response.

The stow-away 3.5mm audio cable is incorporated at the base of the product to offer convenient portability.

Angled drivers provide directional audio output that enhances the sound experience

The expanded BXSTM (Bass Xpansion System) drives to fuller and richer low-end response

The modular Budd-Jack design allows the connection of a daisy chain of X-miniTM Capsule SpeakerTM for jaw-dropping stereo

X-mini™ v1.1

Capsule Speaker™

Smaller package with the same audio power, the X-mini™ v1.1 Capsule Speaker™ was designed for maximum portability. Smaller than the X-mini™ II Capsule Speaker™, the X-mini™ v1.1 Capsule Speaker™still retains the features of the X-mini™II Capsule Speaker™. It also comes with a protection lid to keep its 36mm driver safe from the elements.

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Technical Details

Dimension: 65.2mm x 50.1mm (Closed resonator)

Net Weight: 57.4g

Speaker: Magnetically Shielded 36mm (4Ω)

Loudspeaker Output: 2W

Frequency Response: 120 Hz ~ 20 kHz

Signal-to-Noise: ≥89 db

Distortion: ≥0.3%

Playback Time: Up to 6 hours

Battery Voltage / Capacity: 220mAh

Battery Charging Voltage: 3.7V ± 0.05V

Battery Charge Time: 1 hour


Loudspeaker Output:

Frequency Response:



Playback Time:

Battery Voltage / Capacity:

Battery Charging Voltage:

Battery Charge Time:

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