X-mini™ Ambassadors - Soichiro Kanashima

Hailing from Okayama, Japan, Soichiro Kanashima is the only AIL skater from Asia who has his own signature pro inline boot model by Valo.  Known by his friends as Ichi, he is always making people laugh wherever he goes and is always up for a good time.  As part of Team X-mini™, Soichiro has been giving the western skaters a run for their money with his regular appearances on the podium at international competitions.

With a fun loving and relaxed personality, Ichi’s humorous side with all his clown-like expressions takes a 180-degree turn when he puts his skates on.  Watching Ichi skate is like seeing someone dance on wheels. His grinds and jumps are stylishly smooth and the way he strings up trick after trick is simply poetry in motion.

Ichi has been an AIL ambassador for X-mini™ for almost 3 years now. He most recently represented X-mini™ at the World Extreme Games 2013 in Shanghai and took home the coveted gold medal.

Always ready to put a smile on everyone’s face and having fun wherever he goes, Ichi works hard and plays hard, taking his craft very seriously as soon as he has his skates on. With his passion for life and his sport, Ichi is definitely a true representation of someone who lives a ‘Sound Beyond Size’ life!




Soichiro Valo Pro 2010.. from Themgoods on Vimeo.