X-mini™ Ambassadors - Worapoj Boonnim

Worapoj Boonnim, who goes by Note amongst his friends, was born in Bangkok, Thailand where the skate scene was still in its early stages of development. After witnessing his first skate competition at the age of 13, he was immediately hooked. Three days later he laced up his first pair of skates and has not taken them off since.

Within two years of picking up the sport, he began competing in local competitions and was approached to join the Roces skate team where he was given the opportunity to travel and compete internationally. By the age of 20, Note was skating independently and managing his image in South-East Asia through skate demos, interviews, contests and skate performances.

 “At the time I was thinking should I be in school or should I be skating? …but I knew I couldn’t stop it,” said Note.

In 2005, Thailand hosted the first Asian Indoor Games which was presented by the Olympic Council of Asia. Note took 1st place and was awarded a grand total of 1,500,000 baht. In the following years Note gained recognition from sponsors such as Thirdimpact (France), o22y Skate (Hong Kong) and Crash Boom Bang (Thailand). He also went on to get a role in the film “Tom Yum Goong” as lead actor Tony Jaa’s fighting opponent on skates in Australia. 

After an intensive 3 month training session funded by the Thai government, Note was sent to compete in USA at Woodward West. Here at the AIL event, Note competed as an amateur although he had been skating pro for 5 years. He won the gold medal and sealed his position as an international pro inline skater.

In 2008 with the support of Third Impact, a clothing line based in France, Note travelled to Germany to compete in Winterclash which is the biggest AIL event in Europe. Although this was his first time competing at an international pro level, he put on a phenomenal performance and garnered many AIL fans from the event. 

<insert Note video at Winterclash> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EPgLxh8ijc

Note was gaining a lot of popularity at this time with new sponsors knocking on his door to get him on their team. One of the most prominent brands was the skate company, Universal Skate Design (USD) with whom he eventually signed with to represent.

In the same year Note was awarded ‘The Most Admirable Order of the Direkgunabhorn Fifth class’, a medal given only to outstanding Thai national athletes who displayed not only exceptional skill and passion, but brought pride and honour to the Kingdom of Thailand.

In 2011, Note joined the X-mini™ team as an official AIL ambassador and has been representing X-mini™ in Asian X Games ever since. In 2013, Note took to the podium finishing just behind fellow X-mini™ ambassador Soichiro Kanashima, taking home the silver medal at the World Extreme Games in Shanghai.