Worapoj Boonnim

Worapoj Boonnim

I love sharing my music with the buddy jack function.-By Worapoj Boonnim


Born on:
About Me:

I started skating at a young age with my brother Norachai Boonnim, and I was the first inline skater to turn pro in Thailand. I am a very passionate person when it comes to achieving my goals and will do everything within my means to achieve that goal.

One of my most memoriable achievements was to be presented the ‘Royal Order’ by His Majesty the King of Thailand. With that award, I was able to represent Thailand in competitions all across the globe,, and even became a stunt skater for the Thai action movie ‘Tom Yam Gung’ with the famous actor Tony Jah, which was filmed in Sydney, Australia.

I earned a reputation when I represented Thailand at Winterclash held in Europe, the most popular skating contest in the world. I came in 2nd for that competition and was asked to be an international team rider for USD. X-mini has been very supportive of my participation around the world.

Why do I love X-mini:

The X-mini team is Amazing! From the first time I got an X-mini Capsule Speaker, I totally fell in love with its high quality finish and its unbeatable sound quality. I really like the concept of how you can just share the music with everyone who owns an X-mini Capsule Speaker just by Buddyjacking it (plugging it together) for an even louder audio experience. The speaker is very small and portable, which makes sharing of music even easier with my friends. I'm so proud to say that I am an X-mini ambassador because they support myself, rollerblading and action sports. 


USD, Black Heart Collaboration, Thirdimpact, X-mini

2011 Mettle Games (Singapore) – 3rd

2011 Asian X Games (Shanghai)- 3rd

2010 Asian X Games (Shanghai)- Qualifier 1st

2010 Winterclash (Germany)-3rd

2009 Singha Light Xtreme Sports (Thailand)

2008 Winterclash (Germany) 2nd

2008 Happy Kingdom International X Games (Shenzhen)- 1st

2007 AIL Championships (USA) 1st

2007 Asian Indoor Games (Macau) 1st

2007 IOXC Open (Indonesia)  1st

2006 Urban Extreme  (Singapore) 2nd


X-mini, USD, Black Heart Collaboration, Thirdimpact

Favourite Trick:

Flat Spin

X-mini™ MAX II Capsule Speaker™
Favourite Playlist:

1. Bob Dylan, Hurricane

2. Jimmy Hendrix, Freedorm

3. MGMT, kids

4.  Phoenix Girlfriend 

5. Bob Marley - Three Little Birds

6.  Revolution Solution (Feat Perry Farrell)

7. Muse New Born 

8. Bloc Party, Banquet

9. The Kinks, Come on now

10.  Sambai Promdan