“ I love watching people’s reactions when they are first introduced to the X-mini’s…total shock! ” -By ROX


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About Me:

I always have something to do. Trend attracts me but I love find more than it and build my own style. If people love my style, I’m so happy!! I’m kind a competitive person =)

Why do I love X-mini:

Im an artist... I love to create & experiment. I love to write mainly from experience whether it be something I've gone through, or something I've seen someone else go through. If its affects me, I want to talk about it. I love music..I love listening to it, I love making it, I love watching it. I’’ve been singing ever since I can remember. I was brought up in a devout Christian household, filled with people singing all the time. Family gatherings would start with lots of food & endless games of dominoes, and end in a 5 part gospel medley. That was my foundation and has made me the person & musician I am today. 


Nominated for MTV Ema award

X-mini MAX II Capsule Speaker
Favourite Playlist:

1. Dead Weather- Cut like a Buffalo

2. Rufus Wainright- Go or Go ahead

3. The Black keys - Tighten up

4. Paolo Nutini- Candy

5. Anna Calvi- Blackout

6. Nina Persson- The bluest eyes in texas

7. Fleetwood mac- Dreams

8. Ghost Poet- Liiines

9. Red hot chilli peppers- Scar tissue

10. Kings of leon- On call