Ambassador Programme

Since its inception in 2009, the X-mini Ambassador Programme (XAP) has brought on board exciting and passionate individuals from the Action Sports and Music scenes to represent the brand. Our Ambassadors are all fans of X-mini who have become friends and eventually representatives of the lifestyle and vibe that the brand tries to evoke.

We believe that X-mini, Action Sports and Music share the same energy and passion towards what we do so the XAP is a way for us to show our support for outstanding individuals in these industries.

We have X-mini Ambassadors from around the world from countries in Asia to Europe who share the X-mini lifestyle with their friends at all the events that they attend.

The XAP continues to develop and contribute to the international growth of the X-mini brand. We are always experimenting with new ways to show our support for Action Sports and Music and will be on the constant look out for more fun-loving Ambassadors to add to our team!