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Accessory Pouch The X-mini Accessory Pouch is great for storing all your cables and SD card if you have the X-mini Happy. Comes with free stereo and mono 3.5 to USB cable. Product Details
X-mini Stereo Volume Control Cable For Stereo and Charging purposes. Comes with the X-mini® MAX II. Ideal for making 2 X-mini® IIs a stereo pair. Product Details
X-mini® HAPPY A great way to listen and store music and use as a thumb drive. Product Details
X-mini® I The X-mini I is EOL. Please purchase the X-mini I v1.1 (Minimum order 2 units) Product Details
X-mini® II The X-mini™ II Capsule Speaker™ introduces a larger 40mm driver to project richer and fuller sounds resulting in superior end-user experience from its innovative capsule design. Be it for individual or group entertainment, the X-mini™ II Capsule Speaker™ Product Details
X-mini® II Charging Cable This is the Single 3.5mm to Mini USB cable that comes with the X-mini® II. Charge or extend your range of the X-mini® II from your source or BuddyJack! Product Details
X-mini® II Pink X-mini® II Pink Capsule Speaker™. The perfect companion for the perfect techie. Product Details
X-mini® II Silver X-mini® II Silver Capsule Speaker™. The perfect companion for the perfect techie. Product Details
X-mini® MAX II The X-mini® MAX II, incomparable stereo speakers from Xmi. 2 40mm drivers for a louder and fuller sound. 2 speakers in the box with a Volume Control Stereo Cable. Product Details
X-mini® v1.1 The X-mini v1.1 Capsule Speaker is the updated version of the X-mini I Capsule Speaker. Now with Buddy Jack, better sound quality, a stow-away cable and a tweeter lid. Product Details

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