Capsule Speaker

Xmi is the first the develop a Capsule Speaker.
A Capsule Speaker is a self-contained speaker unit that is extremely portable.


Brand and Product are both important to Xmi.

Product Quality

Quality is important to Xmi. The X-mini Capsule Speaker is designed with a lot of thought put into the quality of chips and battery. We are constantly improving this technology and also the manufacturing processes that goes behind each X-mini Capsule Speaker.


If you carry it with you, it has to look good. Our in-house designers go through many runs before a design is finalised. Our CEO is actively participating in this process heavily as it is one of his passions.

Hassle Free Service

We understand that the X-mini Capsule Speaker is portable, thus you may end up at anywhere in the world. You can send your unit in to us but let us know the return address and have all the relevant documentation required for a 1-to-1 exchange.

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