Extended Battery Life

12 Hours.

A generation apart with 6 hours more listening time.

Keeping it neat.

Improved portability,
innovative design.

Keep it in your bag.
Keep it in your pocket.
Quickly deploy to share music with friends.


Share your music.

Buddies help each other.
Help yourselves share music the X-mini Way.

Driver Size

Makes the difference.

Driver size affects performance.
Upgrade your driver size to experience
Sound Beyond Size.

More About the X-mini II

The·X-mini II comes with an all new feature called the "Buddy-Jack"; X-mini II owners can now come together and connect a row of X-minis to a single music source (e.g. MP3 player) to enhance the overall volume and audio clarity among a larger audience.
Award-winning compact capsule design retained, but packed with a bigger sound.
Delivering on the promise of "Sound beyond size", the X-mini II Capsule Speaker is petite in size but massive in sound. Hook it up to your mobile phone, MP3 player or laptop, and impress your friends with this pocketsize boom-box. Pump out your tunes with crisp clear acoustics that will easily fill up a room and elevate the mood of everyone around you.
The X-mini II is the benchmark for portable sound and is the new must-have daily accessory for all media devices.
New Larger 40mm driver delivers precise highs for superb sound clarity Expanded BXS (Bass Xpansion System) drives a fuller, richer low-end response Modular 'Buddy-Jack' design: connect a row of X-minis to get jaw-dropping sound
An audio revolution has arrived;·the X-mini II Capsule Speaker.
Playback time tripled to 12 hours for longer, superior on-the-go audio. Stow-away 3.5mm audio cable offers convenient cable management The X-mini brand is moulded into each speaker, so you know you've got the real thing


Featured Customer

  • Richard Siciliano
    Houston, Texas, USA
      "I have mounted X-mini on my bicycle so I can listen to music while riding.  I use a mounting bracket made by Saeng.  It’s intended for mounting radar detectors,...

X-mini II Product Support

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