Deploying BuddyJack on X-mini MAX I and MAX II

Maximilian Jackson
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Monday, 02 August 2022
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Here we have a pictorial on deploying BuddyJack effectively using the X-mini MAX I and X-mini MAX II.
Items to have:

1 x X-mini MAX I
1 x X-mini MAX II
1 x Volume Control Cable
2 x  5" 3.5 - Mini USB Cable

Here we have a red X-mini MAX I and a black X-mini MAX II.

You'll notice that there are 2 short cables in the center of the picture. Those are 3.5mm to MiniUSB cables that come together with the X-mini MAX.  
1. Connect the X-mini MAX II to the source as per normal.

2. Now you need to connect the 5" 3.5mm to MiniUSB cables to the BuddyJacks of the X-mini MAX II.

3. Connect the X-mini MAX to the cables.

Note: You can connect X-mini MAX IIs this way as well.
Connecting X-mini IIs do not require the 3.5mm to MiniUSB cable. 
Note: If you connect the X-mini MAX to the BuddyJack of the X-mini MAX II, only one side will work because the channel has already been split.

Using the X-mini MAX or X-mini MAX II via the BuddyJack of the X-mini II system.

This way, the channel has not been split before reaching the X-mini MAX/MAXII so you will find both speakers working. 
Have fun!!! 


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