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X-mini™ Hello Kitty Capsule Speaker™

Key Features

40mm drivers promises to deliver superior sound enhanced in volume and quality.

 Expanded BXS (Bass Xpansion System) drives a fuller, richer low-end response.

 Modular "Buddy Jack" design: Connect a row of X-mini Capsule Speakers to get jaw-dropping audio impact. 

 The stow-away 3.5mm audio cable is incorporated at the base of the product to offer convenient portability.

Angled drivers provide directional audio output that enhances the sound experience

The expanded BXSTM (Bass Xpansion System) drives to fuller and richer low-end response

The modular Budd-Jack design allows the connection of a daisy chain of X-miniTM Capsule SpeakerTM for jaw-dropping stereo

X-mini™ Hello Kitty

Capsule Speakers™

The world’s most famous feline joins forces with the world’s smallest boombox to produce the special edition X-mini™ Hello Kitty Capsule Speaker™ that not only looks irresistible but offers quality sound anytime, anywhere.

The X-mini™ Hello Kitty Capsule Speakers™, with its portability and oh-so-cute compact design, make the best accessory to pop into your bag to take along to any dress up party or even a picnic in the park! You will not only be able to have it sitting pretty along with all your other favourite Hello Kitty accessories but also wow your friends with the great sound coming from a little speaker! Just plug them in to your iPod, mp3 player, laptop or any mobile entertainment device and you can start a party wherever you are! And if your friends have their X-mini™’s with them, just link them up and have a ball. The Hello Kitty X-mini™ II Capsule Speaker™, with its 12-hour battery life, is also so easy to use for the young and the old alike!










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Technical Details

Dimension: 60

Net Weight: 83


Loudspeaker Output

Frequency Response



Playback Time

Battery Capacity

Battery Charging Voltage

Battery Charge Time


Loudspeaker Output:

Frequency Response:



Playback Time:

Battery Voltage / Capacity:

Battery Charging Voltage:

Battery Charge Time:

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