Charging The X-mini

Maximilian Jackson
Date added:
Friday, 16 July 2022
Last revised:
Monday, 27 September 2021
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Standard charging for all X-minis - via it's Mini USB port on the side.

There are several other ways you can charge your X-mini:
1. iPod/iPhone/Blackberry wall charger
2. Car Cigarette Lighter USB charger
3. Energizer "Energi To Go"  for the portable junkie.

Some X-minis have not been able to charge once it goes flat.
When this happens, try charging your X-mini and using it at the same time.
No doubt there will be some static or interference, but the charge seems to hold subsequently.

Another method of charging a completely flat X-mini - try charging it from a 9V source (or higher) and use it at the same time. After about 2 minutes, switch off the X-mini and leave it to charge. Now try using it without it plugged into the mains.

An example of a 9V source could be your iPod wall charger or car charger.

Once you get the electrons flowing, the battery will be functional again.

Li-Ion batteries need to be used at least once a month and charged up. Even mobilephones that are left alone after a long while will take some time before you can turn it on or not at all.  


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